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PASource Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy Effective: January 21, 2000
Revised: August 12, 2002

Overview and Lasich Internet Design are commited to providing a useful web-based services that are secure and private for web site visitors that choose to utilize the service. General browsing of the web site is completely anonymous. There are no cookies or other tracking mechanisms in place to identify presonal information. Protecting your privacy is one of our top concerns.

Email Alerts
PASource Free Email Alerts is a way to share information of interest in the areas of property For Sale by Owner, upcoming Garage Sales, Events and Event Delays or Cancellations. Email addresses gathered for this free service are used exclusively for this service. These Email addresses are not shared with any outside parties, and are not used to further promote any PASource services. The Email addresses are only in use for Email alerts for the time period chosen during sign-up.

For Sale by Owner/Garage Sales
The For Sale by Owner and Garage Sale Listings are free services that provide the opportunity to list personal phone numbers and Email addresses. Due to the public intent of these services, it possible that Real Estate Agents, and other commercial and other parties may inappropriately use this information. Lasich Internet Design does not endorse, nor can it control this potential misuse of the information. Any attempt to limit this information would undermine the usefulness of these services. Please be aware of this possibility.

News Service
The News Service is a for fee service that allows Organizations, Groups, Clubs, Businesses, and more the ability to generate a dynamic news service for their web site. This service does utilize an Email address for the primary contact, and is used to generate system level messages. This Email address information is not publicly displayed at any time during the service, other than on the management screen. This is where the Email address can be maintained, and is only accessible after entry of a valid user password and site identifier.

Contractor Connector Contractor Connector links Contractors to Clients wishing to receive home improvement estimates, personal information on both the Client and the Contractor are gathered and compared to generate a match. No personal information is exchanged or displayed until a Contractor commits to contacting the Client to provide an estimate. When a Contractor commits to contacting the Client, the Client's contact information is displayed to the Contractor at the same time the Contractor's contact information is Emailed to the Client.

With this model in place, Clients are fully aware of who has committed to contacting them, and nobody is able to gather information for purposes outside the scope of the service.

Both Clients and Contractors are able to view and maintain their contact information at any time. For the Client, a username and password are generated during the submission of a Request for Estimate (RFE). For the Contractor, signing-up for the service will establish a username and password for their account. Usernames and passwords are Emailed at the time of account creation and are the only method used to view and modify personal information. Since this information is generated and maintained by the Clients and Contractors, and Lasich Internet Design does not guarantee the accuracy of any information listed on file.

Contractors who commit to contacting a client, will require payment through PayPal. This must be setup before any exchange of Client information can take place. In other words, a Contractor can not commit to making contact until payment is processed through PayPal.

The Client is responsible for checking the experience, references, licensing, bonding, insurance, etc. of any Contractor before hiring them. The Client shall not rely solely on the information or Client generated Contractor ratings provided on

General was fully developed, is owned and operated by Lasich Internet Design. None of the personal information gathered for use in is used for any purpose other than that stated for the service. There is no resale of U.S. Mailing or Email addresses. This particular information is only used in conjunction with the use and operation of the web-service.

The use of Email addresses is limited only to the interaction with the web site. Email messages of general interest about the web site and service may, from time to time, be communicated with those individuals who have indicated they would like to receive such communications. At the time of account creation, and at any point in the future, the option exists to add or remove your Email address from this list of general communications.

Your trust in and Lasich Internet Design is appreciated. Your privacy is one of our top concerns, and we pledge to maintain and enhance our commitment to protecting your privacy, while providing you with an easy, useful service that connects the job and the Contractor.

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Modified: 2002 August 12